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My favorite thing they renovated is my kitchen - it’s awesome. I just love coming home. You come home to a nice, warm, clean, bright apartment. It uplifts your spirit.

Leola Freeman, Colt Arms Apartments resident

There was painting, new floor, new kitchen, new cabinets, new refrigerator, new stove range. Different ball game completely – very clean and very beautiful. I’m really, really happy to stay here.

Felix Nastri, Marien-Heim Tower resident

Focus on sustainability

HVPG utilizes best practices in sustainable and resource efficient development, including:

  • HVPG ensures that all property rehabs have a dedicated budget for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Selecting sustainable building materials and implementation of energy conservation measures:
    • Window/door replacements
    • Weatherproofing and air sealing
    • Energy Star appliance upgrades
    • Motion sensor and LED lighting
    • Efficiency boiler, low flow water fixtures and ventilation/air quality improvements
    • Addition of alternative energy resources such as solar panels roofs
  • Engage state regulatory agencies and energy consultants to monitor project performance and energy savings
  • Reducing landfill waste during construction by redirecting recyclable materials back to the manufacturing process and re-using materials where possible.
  • Preserving the environment during construction with smart site selection: We minimize site disturbance and give preference to sites with proximity to services so that automobile usage is reduced.
  • Minimizing water usage through the use of native plantings and water conserving technology
  • Educating the community of green building features and strategies
Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Case Study

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