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APR 5, 2023 – LINK TO WATCH & LISTEN: Housing costs in the United States are constantly rising. Why that matters? Is because an increasing number of individuals and families continue to struggle to find quality and affordable homes today

Jason Bordainick, our guest for today’s episode, and the co-founder of Hudson Valley Property Group, recognized this issue and addressed it. And sitting with us today, he’s talking about everything it took for him to identify the problem and remedy it.

Bordainick’s entrepreneurial journey began at the University of Virginia, where he founded Off Campus Partners, a company that helped students find off-campus housing. After completing his MBA at Stanford, he founded Hudson Valley Property Group with his childhood friend, Andrew Cavaluzzi, with a focus on making sustainable improvements to affordable housing and providing a better standard of living for their residents. Bordainick’s journey shows that entrepreneurial success can come from identifying a need and providing a solution that serves both customers and investors.

In this episode, Jason Bordainick speaks about his decision-making experience and entrepreneurship. He discusses the strong sense of connection he feels to UVA’s culture. He also discusses how he’s found a sense of community through athletics and the McIntire school.

And in case you’re wondering, Bordainick’s interest in entrepreneurship dates back to his childhood, where he was always fascinated with the idea of starting a company. He started a business during the dot-com bubble in 2000, until later navigating the challenges of raising capital during the bust and founding Hudson Valley Property Group.

Throughout this 40-minute conversation, Bordainick emphasizes the importance of finding the right partner and gaining experience along the way. He also touches on the negative perceptions surrounding affordable housing and how his company is working to change them. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Bordainick advises that businesses are built around solving a problem and making something better!

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