Sell to HVPG

Hudson Valley Property Group (HVPG) is an innovative real estate firm committed to the creation and preservation of quality affordable and mixed-income housing. HVPG acquires HUD assisted, tax credit, and affordable market rate properties throughout the country. Using conventional financing and/or Low Income Housing Tax Credits, we have the capabilities to acquire large multi-state portfolios as well as individual assets as small as 50 units.
We understand the complexities of acquiring, refinancing and rehabilitating properties under State and/or Federal programs, including: Section 236 properties, Section 42 LIHTC properties, Section 8 properties, HUD 202 projects, or other federal or state assisted properties, including HOME. In addition to our expertise with these programs, the HVPG team has the experience to navigate through many of the unique challenges of acquiring affordable properties, including:

Mark-to-Market Restructuring

When project-based rents are marked down the resulting debt structure is highly complex and often scares off many buyers. HVPG, however, has the expertise to successfully execute an acquisition of this type.

HUD 236 Property Rehabilitation

Many HUD 236s are in need of repair but lack the cash flow to support it. A sale to HVPG could maximize value to owners while ensuring for the preservation of the units.

Not-for-profit owned HUD-202 Senior Property

Based on the specifics of the property and with appropriate structuring, a Not-for-Profit owner may be able to generate proceeds upon a sale that can be used to further the organization’s mission, while preserving the affordability of the units.

Partnership Issues & Conflicts

The ownership structures of affordable properties are complex and often involve a large number of limited partners. If partners develop divergent financial goals, HVPG is able to alleviate such conflict through the purchase of partial interests, whether it be the General Partnership or the Limited Partnership interests..

Tax Efficiency

Oftentimes owners may wish to sell their interests but are reluctant for fear of tax repercussions, especially recapture. HVPG works closely with top tax advisors and can tailor the acquisition structure to best address an owner’s personal tax situation.
If you are considering a sale, please contact us for more details and find out how we can work with you.