With five months of construction under our belt, many senior residents at Colt Arms Apartments are seeing the long-awaited preservation plan come to fruition in their own homes. Significant upgrades and renovations to the unit interiors are wrapping up as the construction teams make their way through the building, floor by floor and unit by unit. Construction is anticipated to be complete by year end (2016). The onsite teams will begin to work on the landscaping and exterior work as unit and interior work wraps up.

Hospitality Suite

Colt Arms Apartments hospitality suite

Hospitality Suite 2









The Colt Arms preservation project is a tenant-in-place preservation endeavor. Residents are not displaced during the construction period. Work on a specific group of units is completed during business hours while residents are invited to spend time and relax in the newly built hospitality suite which is located on the building’s main floor. Residents are able to have full use of their units and utilities (electricity, water, heat, etc) during evening hours, and are able to sleep in their own bed at home. Construction is estimated to take between 7 and 10 days per unit.

Below are some snapshots of the units that have already received their make-over. Many additional improvements are being made to the building that may not be as obvious to the eye, but will certainly provide a more comfortable and secure living environment for our residents. The individual apartments and common areas of Colt Arms Apartments are receiving new, energy efficient Air Conditioning and Heating Units. All apartment unit lighting is being replaced with Energy Star rated fixtures, and a new sprinkler system is being installed in all units and common areas. New security features and elevators are being installed at the property, and 11 units will be converted per ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) guidelines.

Old Kitchen, Colt

BEFORE: Colt Arms Apartment kitchen prior to renovation. New counter tops, fixtures, back splash, flooring, cabinetry and appliances are part of the planned re-development of the building’s residential units. The unit bathrooms will also be updated with new toilets, sinks, and fixtures. The bathroom ceilings will be replaced and the plumbing will be updated .

New kitchen, Colt

AFTER: Newly renovated kitchen at Colt Arms Apartments, Spring 2016




Flooring 2

AFTER: New bio-based flooring in the living room of a Colt Arms Apartments unit, Spring 2016

Flooring 1