Project Description

Currently, 2.2 million American families live in public housing while an additional 500,000 remain on a waiting list. This supply and demand imbalance, as found in the affordable housing market as well, places many families at severe economic risk. Correcting this problem through new construction and preservation faces many obstacles including a lack of support from the local community. The public’s perception of subsidized housing programs is largely shaped by a host of misconceptions and myths that obscure the overwhelming benefits of these programs.

To dispel such inaccuracies, Housing Authority Insurance, Inc. has recently funded a new public relations program to highlight how public housing supports families, builds communities, fosters education and provides stability. The initiative, named ReThink, offers first-hand accounts of how public housing provided the necessary stability for individuals and families to achieve economic independence. Additionally, ReThink illustrates how subsidized housing not only benefits individual residents but also improves the economic conditions of the surrounding community.