Richard Doetsch

Senior Advisor, Asset Management

Richard leads the asset management team and is responsible for creating policies & procedures, enhancing reporting, offering guidance on achievable metrics, and helping establish HVPG operating standards to be implemented by our third party property management companies across the entire firm wide portfolio

Mr. Doetsch has 30+ years of real estate management experience including conventional and affordable housing, construction management, and financing. Prior to joining HVPG, Richard was the CEO of C&C Property Management where he grew the L&M Development affiliate from 5,000 to 20,000 units. Previously, Richard was the President of WRMC Inc, a national real estate Management and Investment firm. As an affiliate of The Richman Gr up of Companies he oversaw and increased the company portfolio from 6,200 to 17,500 units throughout the United States. Mr. Doetsch has a Bachelor of Science degree from Marist College and a Master’s Degree from NYU in Real Estate Investment and Asset Management.

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