The Hudson Valley Property Group (HVPG) is an innovative real estate firm committed to the creation and preservation of quality affordable and mixed-income housing. We are flexible in our role – as owners, investors, developers, or advisors – maximizing the long-term value to our partners, communities, and residents.
We provide quality, well-managed affordable and workforce housing to the communities we serve in one of two distinct ways:
1) Through the acquisition and renovation of existing affordable housing (Preservation)
2) Through the construction of new mixed-income multi-family housing (New Development)
We are flexible in how we work with owners and can tailor our role to fit the situation and optimize the results. Some roles include:
Investor/Developer – owner exits and receives proceeds
Co-developer/JV Partner – owner stays in the deal as a partner, sharing in long-term benefits of redevelopment
Fee Developer – owner maintains long-term ownership while HVPG guides them through redevelopment process.
We understand the complexities of acquiring, refinancing and rehabilitating properties under State and/or Federal programs, including: Section 236 properties; Section 42 LIHTC properties; Section 8 properties; HUD 202 projects, or other federal or state assisted properties, including HOME.
We always maintain the affordability of the project and work hard to ensure that everyone benefits including the tenants who get a newly rehabbed building without an increase in rents.
Our expertise in financing and our partnerships , both for-profit and not-for-profit, enable us to streamline the acquisition process from existing owners who may wish to exit the affordable housing arena, for any number of reasons. We offer owners the flexibility to remain in the project, guiding them through the complicated redevelopment process. We also work with expert contractor partners for rehabilitation of the units to help assure proper Agency & Investor compliance and viability of these projects for years to come.
Sometimes new housing must be constructed in order to meet a local housing need. HVPG works hand-in-hand with the municipality to create housing that not only meets the local need but also fits with what the community wants. We utilize federal and state financing programs along with private sources of funding to finance the project appropriately.